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Hi, I'm Rehan Mehboob 👋

A Senior UX Designer. I enjoy creating user-centric, delightful, and human experiences. 

Currently working at Xebia(Alinma Bank), Previously at 
Systems Limited & Rare Crew(Major Project: Disney World, UFC Mobile App)

I combine purposeful strategy with powerful design to help clients define their identities.


I'm a designer with over 6+ years of experience. I've worked with brands ranging from small non-profits to large tech companies with ambitious goals. I have a unique talent for seeing the big-picture potential in a product or brand and then bringing it to life. Personally, I strive to balance unique ideas with proactive action toward measurable outcomes. If my work fails, I don't view such situations as finite or defining, but rather: I think of failure as a chance to learn something and adapt to what happens next.

In my work, I like to find inspiration from many different avenues and curate patterns and trends across the systems I design within. I push for minimum-viable solutions in order to see ideas come to fruition, and I tend to ask a lot of questions of myself and others about how something fits into the larger work.

Disney Land Ux Designer
UFC Ux Designer
Systems UX Designer
e commerce Ux Designer
Bank Designers, Fintech Ux Designer, Bank Ui Designer
Community App Ux Designer , Mobile App Ux Designer

Product Designs. Case Studies

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Tool Box

These are the preferred tools that I've been working on to streamline my creative process. I'm always open to learning new methodologies, approaches and strategies to hone my craft.

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